Set-Control Additives-Plastit® R

Plastit R is a water solution of active polymers that retard cement hydration and limit slump loss in concrete and cementitious materials during hot weather and when transporting over long distances

Set retardation allows extra placing time for larger pours
 Set retardation controls stiffening time of concrete and cementitious materials in hot weather
 Long distance transportation of concrete

Provides retardation in initial and final setting time in all cementitious materials

The optimum dosage Plastit R to meet specific requirements should always be determined by trials using the materials and conditions that will be experienced in use. The normal dosage range is 0.4 to 1.2 kg/100 kg of cementitious material, including PFA, GGBFS and microsilica

Appearance Colorless liquid
Specific gravity 1.03 to 1.1 gr/cm3 at 20°C
 Chloride  Nil to BS5075 
Air entrainment   Typically less than 2% additional air is entrained at normal dosages
 Alkali content  Typically less than 30.0 g. Na2o equivalent/litre of admixture. A fact sheet on this subject is available

 Plastit R is available in 24 kg containers and 240 kg drums
Plastit R has a minimum shelf life of 12 months provided the temperature is kept within the range of 5°C to 35°C. Should the temperature of the product fall outside this range then contact CAPCO for advice. Freezing point: Approximately -5°C