VELOSIT WS 801 is a water swellable waterstop used for waterproofing of construc?on joints. Typical applica?on fields besides others are as follows
 • Waterproofing of construc?on joints between different concrete pours
• Waterproofing of saw cut joints
• Waterproofing of pipe penetra?ons
• Waterproofing of the wall-­‐slab joint

VELOSIT WS 801 is a waterstop that swells under contact with water. It is applied on the previous concrete pour into the center of the construc?on or expansion joint. VELOSIT WS 801 is either glued with an adhesive or nailed to the concrete
1000% swelling capacity, fully reversible for an unlimited number of cycles • Dimensional stable, no wash-out like with Bentonite waterstops
 Retarded swelling, volume increase starts several hours aPer water contact 
 Swelling pressure of > 5 bar (73 psi), extreme resitance against hydrosta?c pressure 
 Resists 50 m (160 P.) water pressure acc. to EN 12390-­‐8

VELOSIT WS 801 is supplied in rolls á 50 m (163’). 4 rolls are packaged in a box (approx. 24 kg/53lbs 
VELOSIT WS 801 can be stored in unopened original packs for 5 years at 5-­‐35°C (40-­‐95°F) in a dry storage place protected against sunlight