Groutings-Capgrout® HP

Capgrout HP is a ready to use dry powder supplied in 25kg moisture resistant bags. Capgrout HP has been formulated specifically for grouting of bridge bearings and parapet post base plates. The addition of a controlled amount of clean water produces a free-flowing grout with high early and ultimate strengths as well as long term durability, suitable for use in section thicknesses 10mm to 100mm. Thicker sections can be achieved by incorporating clean, dry 10mm aggregate

 High early and ultimate compressive strengths
Good flow, particularly at low temperatures
 Low permeability ensures durability 
 Can be poured or pumped

Capgrout HP is an exceptionally high strength grout designed for grouting beneath bridge bearings, parapet posts and flanged lighting columns. It can also be used for wide range of fixings. These include 
 Machine beds and base plates
  Stanchion bases, struts, railings, and guardrail assemblies
 Filling distance between concrete walls or other sections
 Filling of shutter tie rod openings
 Anchoring of tie bars, and bolts
 Pile top re-profiling

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Capgrout HP is available in 25 kg bags
 Capgrout HP has a minimum shelf life of 12 months at 20°C if kept in a dry store in the original, unopened packs. The shelf life will be reduced at higher ambient temperatures