Fiber-Fibercap® 12

Fibercap 12, is a high performance polypropylene fibre, developed as a crack controlling additive for cementitious materials. It is available as monofilament 12mm in length for concrete and 6mm in length for plaster and mortar. It is used to inhibit the formation of small cracks which can occur through plastic shrinkage, premature drying and early thermal changes, in order to provide utilization of the intrinsic properties of the hardened cementitious material. Fibercap 12 is based on selected raw materials and manufactured under controlled conditions to give a consistent product

Cost effective
 replaces anti crack wire mesh
User friendly
 decreases construction time and labour
 Versatile - Inhibits intrinsic cracking in concrete, improves finishing characteristics, concrete durability and acts as a rust proofer
 Disperses uniformly throughout the mix & does not rust

Fibercap 12 is primarily used as a crack controlling additive for cementitious materials. Typical applications are
 Crack control in readymix concrete, precast concrete, conventional shotcrete, screeds, rendering mortars, microsilica concrete
 Concrete slabs, pavements, driveways, imprinted concrete
 Water retaining structures, marine concrete etc
 Patch repair, thin section walling etc

Form Polypropylene Fibre
Size 12 mm
Specific gravity 0.91 gr/cm3
Alkali, Sulphate and Chloride content: Nil
Elastic modulus 3.5 GPa
5500 – 7000 MPa 345 N/mm2
Melting point 165 °C

Fibercap 12 is available in 5 kg bags
 Fibercap 12 has a minimum shelf life of 5 years at 35°C if kept in a dry store in the original, unopened packs