Concrete Plasticizer-Plastit® LR

Plastit LR is a chloride free water reducing admixture based on selected lignosulphonate materials. It is supplied as a brown solution which instantly disperses in water. Plastit LR disperses the fine particles in the concrete mix, enabling the water content of the concrete to perform more effectively. The initial hydration of the cement is also delayed, resulting in a delay in the setting time of the concrete with no adverse effect on subsequent stiffening and strength gain.

 Water reduction significantly improves compressive strengths at all ages and enhances durability
  Controlled retardation extends working life and stiffening time for ease of construction. - Control of stiffening improves slip forming and assists in preventing the formation of cold joints in large pours
 Minimized transportation delay problem maintains place ability and reduces the risk of pump blockage
 Slight air entertainment improves cohesion in mixes with poorly graded sands or a lack of fine material, minimizing bleed and segregation
 Allows specified strength grades to be met at reduced cement content or increased workability
 Chloride free, safe for use in prestressed and reinforced concrete

To improve the effectiveness of the water content of a concrete mix
 To help maintain the work ability of ready mixed concrete deliveries in hot weather
 To extend working times of concrete. - Particularly suitable for use in mixes with low cohesion

The optimum dosage of Plastit LR to meet specific requirements should always be determined by trials using the materials and conditions that will be experienced in use. The normal dosage range is 0.3 to 0.8 kg/100 kg of cementitious material, including PFA, GGBFS or microsilica.

Appearance Brown Liquid
Specific gravity 1.17 gr/cm3 at 20°C
Chloride Nil to BS5075
Air entrainment Typically less than 2% additional air is entrained at normal dosages.
Alkali content Typically less than 5.0 g. Na2o equivalent/litre of admixture. A fact sheet on this subject is available.

پلاستيت LR روان كننده و كاهنده آب بر پایه لیگنو‌سولفونات با خاصيت کندگير كنندگي است، كه براي بتن‌هاي با نسبت آب به سيمان بالاي 45% در هواي گرم، اثر بخش مي‌باشد. پلاستيت LR با پخش کنندگي بالاي سيمان، باعث يكنواختي بتن نهايي مي‌شود. اين افزودني با استانداردهاي ASTM C494 , ISIRI 2930 مطابقت دارد.

Plastit LR is available in 20 kg containers and 240 kg drums.
 Plastit LR has a minimum shelf life of 12 months provided the temperature is kept within the range of 5°C to 35°C. Should the temperature of the product fall outside this range then contact CAPCO for advice. Freezing point: Approximately -4°C