About us

CAPCO was established in 2003 to provide Polymer and chemical products in construction industry with the goal of being preferred vendor through superior quality, price, and services. Firstly, Plastic spacers were chosen to produce for the most variety of reinforce concrete elements and after a while, CAPCO has enjoyed the loyalty of hundreds customers because of successful operation. We are always happy to say "Yes "to make specific product recommendations at the hand of powerful and professional injection Molds units. The huge variety of products in different categories in comparison other competitors confirmed the claim of this unique capability. Step forward and try… PVC Sealing Strips (WaterStops) in the second step was selected to put in production line to develop the concrete accessories family in CAPCO merchandise basket in order to provide an integral stealing network for joints in water retaining, and water excluding concrete structure and CAPCO proudly published a domestic Standard (ISIRI 13277) for Concrete Waterstops for the first time. Concrete Admixtures and Construction Chemical as the last, but not the end, portfolio entered the process of production in 2007 which are the prominent role of today`s concrete projects, and now CAPCO become a trusted partner for great projects and grasped a big portion of market share less than two years. However, we are a young manufacturer but renewed as an innovative company who is constantly searching for new and better ways to support the needs of customers to improve the safety and make user friendly products based on the global standard. With factory-direct pricing on all our products, you commercially will save significantly by ordering directly from us in one hand and always rely on our fast-turnaround times to get the materials you need when and where you need them in the other hand.